About Us


The Mississippi Genealogical Society was founded August 25, 1949 with five organizing members – Mrs. William G. Roberds, Miss Mary Berry, Mrs. L. C. Franklin, Mrs. Thomas Hendrix, and Mrs. Edward L. Trenholm.  Mrs. Roberds was the first president of the society.

On January 10, 1955, Governor Hugh L. White and Secretary of State Heber Ladner approved a Charter of Incorporation for the Mississippi Genealogical Society.  As stated in this charter, the purpose of the society was the acquisition of knowledge of Mississippi state history, the promotion and preservation of old records in the county courthouses and in private family records and collections, and to encourage interest in research and genealogy.

On August 6, 1984, Secretary of State Dick Molpus issues a certificate confirming the society’s non-profit status and that the Mississippi Genealogical Society was duly qualified and in good standing to do business in the state of Mississippi.

The growth of the society was, by plan, slow and limited to those who had a genuine and sustained interest in genealogy – those who were more professional than amateur.  The society was not organized as a teaching group.  Prospects were expected to know the basics of genealogy when joining the society and were expected to assist in finding and preserving Mississippi records.

With the passage of time, society membership and mission has expanded and evolved.  Genealogists and researchers of all levels of experience are encouraged to come together, share and learn.  One of the key events of the Mississippi Genealogical Society is an annual seminar which brings to the state professional genealogical researchers and lecturers.  The society also continues to promote the preservation of records and makes contributions of funds, material resources and time to support the Mississippi Department of History and Archives and local genealogical and historical societies.

Genealogy research and membership has changed drastically and significantly in the 70 years since the organization of the Mississippi Genealogical Society, but the desires of society members to research, discover, preserve and share still bring us together. 


To join with us, please download and complete the membership form.  Send completed form and check to:

  • Mississippi Genealogical Society

  • c/o Anna Royston, Treasurer
    108 Newport Circle
    Clinton, MS 39056

2019 – 2021 Officers and Board Members

  • President: Erin Feathers
  • Vice President: Penny Schooler
  • Recording Secretary: Ree Curtis / Karen McKlemurry
  • Corresponding Secretary: Nancy Durham
  • Treasurer: Anna Royston
  • Historian: Beverly Herring
  • Parliamentarian: Pat Ellis
  • Board Member: Tricia Nelson
  • Board Member: Sue Patterson
  • Board Member: Sharon Nettles
  • Board Member: Dr. Mary Landin
  • Board Member: Mark Henry, J.D.